About I-Net
I-Net has developed more than 5,000 I-Net CSC centres in the last 10 years, thereby promoting the entrepreneurship and provides all the necessary online services to the local people. if you join I-Net you can increase your income by providing all such services to people in your area. In the future, such online services will be vital to the public.


Special Features of INetCSC :
1. One login for many(all) services.
2. One wallet for many(all) services.
3. More than 60 authorized services.
4. Available Tamil and English Language Customer Support Center.
5. Best online Training for all the services.
6. Separate mobile(My iNet) app available for your end customer.
7. A list of all the services you provide can be found on the My iNet Customer App, The My iNet Customer App will be the bridge between you and your customer.
8. You can also use a separate iNet CSC Agent Mobile App to make their transactions via mobile.
9. It is always possible to view all the transactions and details of your (earnings)commission.
10. I-Net provides full accountability and security for all transactions you make in your wallet.
11. You will get a commission for the service transaction and a service fee for the customer's service. (Two Way Income)
12. Introducing new services and providing training.